Hello guys! This is a very special blog post that I’m going to share with all of you here. Consider the fact that I don’t always post any picture of me that is without makeup, I’m actually a camera-shy person when I’m off makeup. The only thing I can relate to that is the lack of confidence i have – just because I don’t born with a porcelain skin that I can picture perfect with. Besides that, the left over scars of my acne outbreak during my teenage years have caused me a huge huge regret for not going to the proper dermatologist when I was younger. T_T O well.. there’s always a saying, “Better late than never!” People always have a perception that visiting a PROPER dermatology clinic will cost an arm and a leg, well.. DRx just proved me wrong. (NOTE: I can’t stress how important it is to research on the doctor before you head to the clinic, thanks to CHUA SKIN SPECIALIST, I have phobia with doctor. If you haven’t read the story, you may read it HERE)

Fortunately, I was lucky to have met a friend of mine, who recommended me DRx, a renowned and established clinic in Singapore, led by aesthetic physician Dr S K Tan, who has 30 years of expertise. Have yet to meet him in person, but I’ve heard that he is a very popular and wanted man in the firm.  Anyway, DRx clinic is now available in Malaysia, with resident physician Dr Jason Yip, very charming doctor (unlike Dr Weirdo Chua, ahem..) Enough said, I’m going to explain my journey with some of the pictures taken the other day. =D

The clinic is located a Plaza Damas , Sri Hartamas, “slightly” far away from where I live, Cheras. But the traffic is bearable, and it’s a great location for a clinic as well, because there are always ample of parking space, and makan place (just in case you wanna grab something light). So fret not.

N-1-1 & N-1-2 Plaza Damas
60, Jalan Sri Hartamas 1, Sri Hartamas,
50480, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel : (603) – 6201 3088

Upon arriving, I was greeted with the lovely nurse (very soft spoken, made me nervous and shy a bit LOL) and this “canggih” machine to take one last ugly picture of mine before I start my “journey to a prettier me“. They have my picture in record, perhaps months later I can retrieve my ugly picture and show you the old and new me.

Spent some time getting to know Dr Jason, as for him to my skin. LOL. He was so patient to explain every single detail to me when I have doubts, I felt like I was interrogating him the whole time. =p But, I think it’s always good to be clear of what you want to achieve and let the doctor know your main concern, so he can work his magic.

Basically, I have two MAJOR issues with my skin, that has been going on and off since my teenage life. I always have pimples that will not pop up, but remained active; it will go away for some time, but when I’m stressed out, it will come back again on the same spot. Another thing, because those pimples won’t come out, I eventually “force” it out, and it gotten worse, and there you go.. the story of how my scars came about.  

the end of the consultation, Dr Jason decided to give me some products (yeay!) to try on for a few month, then later I will go back for scar resurfacing if necessary. (double yeay!) I know some of you at this point will wanna punch me in my face, because there are people who have skin problem that are more severe than mine, and I’m here being picky and overly obsessed with wanting a flawless skin, ranting almost. O well.. trait of a perfectionist, what can i say? =p I’m a girl after all, is that excuse good enough?

The Products


Cleanser and Toner as Prime, MAX-C and Comedone Formula for Remedy and lastly for protection I have Tinted SunScreen, all exclusively from DRx. Will talk more about what it does below.

Cleanser and Toner, the essential. The Foaming cleanser is oil based and it’s suitable for all skin type. From what I was told, this cleanser promotes natural cleansing and toning, while balancing the pH level of the skin. Moving on to Toner, I know some of you (younger girls) always neglect the use of toner. Your skin needs a certain amount of oil to stay waterproof and resistant to infection.  Too little oil and you have dry skin (which can lead to problems with wrinkles); too much oil and you’ve got an oil slick and probably acne. Toner often helps balancing your skin pH value. Your skin needs a certain amount of oil to stay waterproof and resistant to infection.  Too little oil and you have dry skin (which can lead to problems with wrinkles); too much oil and you’ve got an oil slick and probably acne. The DRx toner contains Allantoin, which helps restore moisture to the skin, leaving the skin feeling revitalized and supple.

Talking about best seller? Here you go! Both of these do magic, and will give you a porcelain skin if use regularly. =D Comedone Formula is a natural formulation containing botanical extracts, which work to reduce the appearance of comedones (blackheads & whiteheads). It assists in dissolving and softening comedones and prevents new comedone formation by loosening the follicular plug and also by reducing sebaceous activity. Max-C is a potent anti-oxidant formula based on the highest possible stable concentration of Vitamin C. It counteracts free radicals, encourages collagen and elastin production to control the adverse effects of photo-damage, including wrinkling, sagging and other symptoms of premature skin aging.

I never like using a sun screen because of its tacky texture, and it always give me an extra oily skin after some sweat. But I have come to know that, it wont affect us much until we got older and the dark spots start popping up. I always terrorise my mind with that image, so I will force myself to use them. My very first proper sun screen from a dermatologist.This product has an advanced tinted formulation that provides protection against harmful UV radiation while ensuring minimal risk of irritation. It is not too oily, but if you really hate to have an oily face, they also have a non-tinted sun screen that is suitable for sensitive skin, a milder version.

Trying them all now, and looking forward for a better skin! Should you have any question, and if you like to read more follow up of my skin check, pls follow me regularly. I will promise to put more raw pictures of me, without any photoshop touch up and hopefully I’m confident to show you my naked face then. FYI: All my pics in this post are raw and only colour correction is used  =D (Notice those scars on my nose? )Meanwhile, if you are keen in the products, you may look them up in DRx official website HERE, or follow their updates on FB HERE.

I know you have been a loyal reader, and here’s a reward for you. If you are looking for a skin specialist or dermatologist in Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur, KL), you can always give DRx clinic a try, and feel free to mention my name and get a free consultation. I love you and please love your skin. <3 Get your skin checked today!


PS: Till then, xx. I need my beauty sleep now! Dr Jason says its good for my skin. Heh <3