Back to School

Sep 14

Currently back to school, and for the first time I’m taking a total of 21 credit hours classes - 9 credit hours for my core course, and another 12 credit hours for Korean Language. That’s not just it, I have to maintain a minimum of 3.7 CGPA to  keep my scholarship. T^T While most of my friends have started working, I’m here back to being a nerd. But, thankfully some of the subjects are interesting, and it’s rewarding when I can research on subjects that I have a passion for. I actually have a crazy idea, to continue my PHD after my master, hmm.. or may be not. But my goal is to earn a PHD before I reach 30 (Journey to Permanent Head Damage, lol?).

PS: Just my desk and favorite leopard print tumbler.

Segye Mee (世界面)

Sep 7

When I heard of this restaurant the first time, I thought it was brilliant, but the same time - madness, how many pack of instant noodles can you really eat? Well.. Segye Mee is an “Instant Noodle Restaurant” with a spin of buffet style.

Certainly, Segye Mee has them all, from different regions of the world. I thought I was in a instant noodle museum for a second, lol. Here’s a picture to proof it, and my two besties were in dilemma on what’s for brunch.

There’s also a customized station, where you can personalized your “dish”. Whether you like your mee more spicey, salty, sweet or sour.

I thought the picture of Chloe in the background carrying those noodles are cute, lol. Casey was quite resistant to have instant noodle, but well.. cheat day! And, as of me.. I was kind opposed with having instant noodle for brunch too, but the selection they have is really tempting, and thai instant noodles never disappoint me. =p

We still have some soup left when we were done with the noodles, so we had a little improvised steamboat.

For entry, it’s RM19.90 per person with freeflow of beverage, and student at RM18. If you are thinking to pay a visit, you may get a map at their FB page, HERE.

School Food @ Garosu-gil

Sep 6

Garosugil (“tree-lined road”) is a strip near Sinsa Station that is known for it’s fancy restaurants, cafes, and clothing stores. Being said, everything here is pretty much on the expensive side. However, if you are on budget and looking for something quick, or with a bunch of friends that are indecisive on what to have. I recommend ‘School Food‘, they serve up contemporary-style Korean rolls, ddeokbokki, fried rice, and noodle dishes.

Here’s what I had! SPICEY CRABONARA TTEOKBOKKI Just one dish to fix my hunger in the midst of my shopping spree, lol.

There’s non-spicy tteokbokki on the menu! I was a bit skeptical about this dish as I’ve had my fair share of subpar attempts at carbonara in Korea (Italian dish here is so Koreanized). While the sauce did feel a bit powdery, it was very flavorful and went well with the tteokbokki. Asian-fusion success!

School Food is located along the stretch of Garosu-gil and you’ll easily find this if you walk around the area. I would describe this restaurant – “Korean snacks and street food in an upscale way”

Being a Candle Enthusiast

Aug 24

I’m a huge fan of candles, and when I spent RM280 ($90) on a single candle, I know what you’re thinking, outrages right?  For people who doesn’t know much about luxury candles ,it may come as a shock to learn that a candle could cost RM300, or even more. Jo Malone, the British fragrance company, makes a four-wick version in a glass vessel that costs RM1400 — more than RM300 a wick. For that price, shouldn’t the container be gold?

When it comes to luxury, people disagree about a lot of things. But, what they don’t understand is the luxury are meant for people who truly knows how to enjoy them (not those spoiled-brat who are doing it for the sake of showing off).

Let me put it this way — We, human have 5 senses. Sight, Smell, Sound, Taste, and Touch. Some love to indulge in food, and they spent half of the pay cheque on diners each month; Some love a good sound system, and they splashed a good amount of money in installing them; Some love fine arts, and they paid millions in acquiring a painting so they can have them in their private dorm. So what’s wrong with spending on luxury candles? I just have a different “sense” of indulgence.

It may be true that if I merely wanted fragrance, I can settled on the RM50 (or less) Candle in IKEA. But what they missed out is the quality of the product I’m seeking. I’m not sure about you, but when I buy a cheap candle, the vanilla smell or whatever is so strong. It’s like I am in an airport bathroom. IT IS UNBEARABLE.

So, back to the topic, and I’m going to tell you why I think you need to reconsider your use of your “IKEA” candles.

Paraffin is the major ingredient in most conventional candles and is a sludge waste product from the petroleum industry. It releases carcinogenic chemicals when burned. The soot/fumes are similar to that released from a diesel engine and can be as dangerous as second-hand cigarette smoke. This can contribute to serious respiratory issues like asthma.

On the other hand, most high end candles are made out of soy wax. They burn clean, with no harmful fumes, and have very long burn times as well.  And, beyond the basic elements of wax, wick and flame, these luxury candles come in handmade containers of crystal, or are scented by the world’s top perfumers using costly essential oils.

Having a good candle is like having a good bottle of wine, you enjoy them slowly, and to some, the packaging itself it’s an art. It makes you want to keep them, by all means when they are emptied.

Candles are sophisticated. Aside from the fragrance, candles are essential for me because of the light, the warmth and the comfort of the flame.

PS: So, what’s wrong with me and my sinful indulgence? I’m pretty sure you have one yourself.

Lovebirds @ Sekeping Serendah

Aug 22

Hidden in the lush rain forest just 45 minutes outside of Kuala Lumpur, you’ll find peace and tranquillity at Sekeping Serendah Retreat.

Two minutes of climbing this mini Mount Kinabalu and you’ll see this: Check that sweet juicy contemporary design swag weekend getaway home. Insta-worthy cabin in the wood.

This is it. Spacious patio for bbq & whatever your heart desire. To the right is the bed, fridge, toilet. Don’t go down though, nothing down there except dried leaves =p

What catches the eyes are their minimalistic, yet functional architecture. Metal wire frames makes up most of the furniture and the permanent fixtures such as the balcony and railings came together by exposed metal.

Ring this bell for room service. Literally. Also, when a bear attacks. Just kidding, there are no bears, just ghosts. (There were no coverage for mobile, so here’s the only SOS you have. )

You’re gonna need this too from “vampires”.Was looking forward for stargazing at night, but there weren’t any, still quite bright (light pollution) even though it’s so hidden in the wood.

With serenity and peace of mind are the utmost important, Sekeping Serendah gives off an impression where nature and modern functionality were able to live in balance. For real though – you’ll be all kinds of relax out here.


Limited hot water but its fun to have a cold shower in the middle of the forest! And open space yo, feel so violated when there’s nothing to cover =p

Sekeping Serendah. Glass Room. Night.

Pro tip: On your way to Sekeping Serendah, head to Publika and raid their meat selection. Get all the necessary for a fancy bbq. Bring extra charcoal. 

Thought it would be hot sitting next to the fire pit, but the chilly night in the woods made it pretty comfortable! Marshmallow, one after another.. yums! It would be perfect if I have some nutella with me.

There weren’t much mosquitoes, or may be the insect repellent i picked up just before worked magic. But there were more moth than any other insects, and occasionally grasshoppers and butterflies. Not too bad, those insects were pretty harmless. But the serial killer in the woods on the other hand… that is pretty harmful.

Woke up to this amazing view, felt like bella for a moment, except that edward was out hunting. And  I have more facial expressions.

Thats about it. The bedroom is adequate but the rest is pretty spacious.