Day Trip to Sanmeoru Winery

Sep 26

 Sanmeoru Farm is a wild grape farm in Paju City, Gyeonggi Province. The farm not produces own grape wines for the domestic market, it also offers a range of hands-on experiences for visitors. It’s just Just another 30 minutes drive from Paju Premium Outlet, so do consider dropping by if you are that area, this place is worth-visiting!

IMG_1640 IMG_1643

Aside from the family fun in countryside (Soomy Village for instance), friends my age would appreciate this better if they are a wine lover!

IMG_1654 IMG_1659

So upon arriving, we were given an exclusive tour around the winery, and unlike other winery, Sanmeoru winery provides you the first hand experience into wine-making. Due to time constrain, we didn’t had the time to drop by the grapes farm, but the local guide gave us a tour inside into the process of their wine making, and proceeded to teach each and every on of us how to bottled and package our wine!

IMG_1665 IMG_1667

Thank god I’m not a drinker, otherwise I think I could take forever to fill up this bottle, hahah… my friends on the side were commenting how they will down half the wine first before filling them up to get the cork screwed on, lol. But of course, they didn’t. XD


Compared to other wineries I have visited from the past, in terms of “experiences”, other than the standard tours or tastings. Sanmeoru farm provided an out-of-the-ordinary to experience at a winery. Aside from the usual, they provided a money can’t buy opportunity for increased education or taking part of the process. Which is something new for me!


To make great wines you need a few key ingredients. Naturally, things like good soil, healthy vines, sunlight, plentiful grapes and good barrels are all necessary. However, truly great wines require something more –something Sanmoru Winery (감악산한국전통산머루와인) has cultivated since 1979 –hard work and passion.


Here, visitors are able to go beyond the cellar door to discover characteristics unique to Sanmeoru wine making. Sanmeoru winery are not simple venue to taste and purchase wine, they allow us to interact with their product, the winemaker at and enjoy first-hand experience. 

When the outdoor are getting a little chilly, we’re moving indoors and escaping to these jaw-dropping wine cellar at Sanmeoru Winery. And and and…! if you have watched Hotel King, the personal wine cellar of one of the “Oppas” are taken back here in Sanmeoru wine cellar. So, for K-pop fans, you may mark Sanmeoru farm for your next must-go destination!


Each winery has its own unique charm, but here in Sanmeoru farm they offer a variety of activities, ranged from the winery cellar tour and wine sampling (3,000KRW/person), create own wine bottle (15,000KRW/person), grape jam/chocolate/soap making – 20,000KRW/person. It will be an ideal stop for small to mid size groups for team activities.


What special about this — is their grapes are freshly harvest from their farm, and to your liking, you may also infuse your chocolate with some of their wine, but we weren’t that creative, so we just went for the usual. And I’m not particularly proud with the chocolate I made, I guess this is a good enough explanation why I never give out DIY chocolates during Valentines >.< I might very well get rejected on the spot if the guy who received get this $@#$#@^ looking chocolate from me, lol.


Chocolate making was fun, but what comes next is even more exciting! It’s my first time making jam! lolol..

Before this, I was contended to leave jam making to the experts, but now that I have tried them, it is never the same again! Making jam puts us back in touch with the seasons and satisfies our crave for creation. The grapes were squashed and pre-packed into these bags, then we were given honey and sugar to adjust the sweetness and flavor we like.


It is all done in the farm kitchen, the process was rather easy and unlike chocolate I was more appealed to my creation this time, we made enough to fill our bottle and had some remaining but were too wasted to throw them away so the owner handed us these crackers to dip and finish up the jam!

IMG_1794 IMG_1795

It was like attending a “girlfriend” course, lol.. Not that I’m confident to make jam or chocolate better now, but I no my limitations, and after this I am more convinced that I should not give DIY chocolates to my crush in future, hahaha. 
Now, we are done with the edibles! Next on, we have soap making!! And unlike any other soaps, these soaps contained wine produced from the Sanmeoru winery. FYI, and I just found out about this too, red wine can help transform a dull complexion to its original glow. With thousands of polyphenols, it helps prevent cell oxidation that ages the skin.


Actually this wine soap recipe is a creative way to use up that leftover wine that’s sat in the fridge too long or simply wasn’t too your liking. You just have to pick up the ingredients and you are good to start in your own kitchen! All the ingredients were provided by the instructor, I wish I know where to obtained them but I forgot to ask, but there’s always google =/


I am very happy with how these wine soaps turned out! The mould adds so much character to it! haha.  Soaping with wine was quite an experience but totally worth the extra effort!   The color of the bars is a perfect wine hue (it looks black from here because of the lighting).  The lather of the soap bar is luxurious and creamy. On top of that, these batched are made out of lemon essence + wine, so it has a lemony fragrance to it, well.. it is really personal, you can mix and match and find the perfect scent!


At the end of the class, each and every one of us were handed with this surprise printouts, it is actually a sticker label for the wine, I was totally not expecting this. Now it made sense why the guide insisted earlier to have my picture taken ^^, and I thought someone from the winery may have a crush on me, oh well… hahahhaha. The wine bottle is the one we made earlier, yep, filled and packaged all by myself!


Needless to say, the home wine and jams are some of their best seller, all these are production from their grapes farm! . FYI, the winery is designated as Korea Traditional Food Manufacturer (by Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry) and also authenticated as Environment Friendly with no-agrichemical cultivation.


My favorite of all in this trip! A limited edition ootd wine by yours truly, hahah.. Gonna put up for auction. Starting with 50,000 won, any takers? Alright, maybe not, I might just keep this until I get a private wine cellar one day! lol.


On my final remark, a visit to Sanmeoru farm is enthralling any time of year. But during harvest season (typically late August to early October), there’s something magical about seeing vines with purple fringes of grapes and smelling the aroma of freshly pressed juice lingering in the air. Also, if you are a big time photography lover, like me (like to be photographed instead, haha), I think Sanmeoru farm may be a photo worthy place to visit!

 For more information, you may look out on their homepage,

Transportation to Sanmeoru winery 

 recommend to take Subway, as taking bus requires some basic Korean >.<
Directions Munsan Station (Gyeongui Jungang Line) Turn right (north) out of the exit and walk about 600 m to the intersection. Cross the street and take bus 95 heading east from the bus stop on the next street over to the west (Munhyang-ro, 문향로). Ride it for 39 stops and get off at Jeokseong Terminal bus stop (적성터미널 정류장). It will take about one hour. Transfer to bus 091B and get off at Baewon-ri Budaeap Bus Stop (배원부대앞 정류장) (8 stops, about 20 min). Continue walking in the same direction and take your first right (south) after about 50 m. Then, walk about about 500 more meters and turn left at the four-way intersection. Sanmeoru Farm will be on your left after about 100 m.

My Day at Soomy Village

Sep 26


I’ve been in Korea for about six months spread out over the past year, but somehow I ended up never getting out to the countryside. I was living in Seoul and Busan during my experiences, so yeah, pretty urban. So, last weekend I signed up for a trip to one of the countryside somewhere 90 mins Northeast from Seoul – Soomy village it is located in Yangpyong, Gyeonggi Province (You may look out for the direction to the place at the end of this post!)


Soomy village (수미마을) is a great place for Korean countryside experience, different farm activities, ranged from 15,000 – 60,000 was provided varied from season to season. Upon arriving, took me about 2 hours, I was pretty starved, and the local knows best, hah! We started our day at Soomy village with Korean steamed bun making!


Upon arriving, we were led to this open air kitchen, feels like master chef – countryside edition, lol. And as long as we found our place, we were handed the ingredients, they are ready made! So not to worry of getting yourself dirty here, no apron needed also, hahah..  We were first shown how to get them done (it was a quick tutorial, less than 10 mins), then we graduated and are ready to make our first batch of steamed buns in life, haha


Just us trolling around… I always wondered how does it feel growing up in countryside, and making this, it kinda reminded me of the old days when my grandma would make me dough from flour to mimic the play-doh. Nostalgic…


Ajumma said, they make perfect snack on a cold day! And it’s sort of a comfort food for the farmers during the chilling fall!


It is not rocket science, as long as you have a pair of clean hand, you can start making them, lol. The ingredients are all provided, and your job here is only to put the bean paste on the dough (Flatten into a circle) and mould them to a ball shape! Of course, you are free to design your own bun, but I was too hungry to be creative, If the ingredient is cooked, I would have finished them all while making them, haha.


We made a lot, and the best part, we can bring them home!!!! But the tricky part here is, because there were no chemical added, we can only keep them for 3 days, and despite it’s really yummy, I couldn’t finish all of them. So I brought them to class the next day and shared it among my friends and professors, and of course they thought I made this from scratch, needless to say I got tons of compliments… hehehe…


Soomy village, literally (‘so'; water) and (‘mi’, beauty), in hanza, it is written as 水美. The name is inspired by the river surrounded, and in awe they call in Soomy. Well, the pictures tell in all above, the river, and the two beauties on top of the rock, lololol. During summer this place offers the catfish catching activity, and it’s one of their popular program among the family. For more information, you may look up at their website at but the website has no english at the moment, so google translate will come in handy, or alternatively, you could just look at the pictures to see what they’re offering, haha. XD


So, just let me prep you fashionistas! You heels and expensive ootd won’t work in the countryside, all you really need is this ajumma pants and a straw hat that will give you good coverage under the sun, and prevent you from getting bites in the farm. And thank god I wore long sleeve, though it’s fall, but the sun is still too hot to bare.

IMG_1587 IMG_1589

My weapon of choice, lol! Believe me, the first sight of being there and asked to pick up one of these up, I felt like i’m in the scene fresh out of hollywood movies for one of those Zombie Apocalypse stories, lol. Oh.. and the background is actually sesame leaf, a type of vege/leaf korean used as a wrap or made into banchan aka side dishes.

IMG_1592 IMG_1594

A quick lesson from the friendly ajooshi on sweet potato harvest 101, and we were free to dig, haha. It was a great activity for us to experience, the same time a chance for the local farmers here to showcase their fresh produce.

IMG_1602 IMG_1604 IMG_1605

My first harvest of sweet potatoes! Haha, and we were given a bag each to fill them and we could bring them back home! One bag of potato in the market could cost anywhere from 6000 – 8000 won, but mine is priceless, consider the sweat and hard work put into find every one of these, lol.


Ajooshi made it looks so easy, but it took us some time to find them, the lucky ones got a whole big bag and the not so lucky one, may be got one-two or the tiny and small one. Literally, It was a sweet potato treasure hunt! LOL.


Aside from sweet potatoes, Soomy village have other farms and their potatoes are one of their larger exports, they were made into chips, and coincidentally the potato chip name is also Sumi, so it was a win-win for both companies on marketing, a great collab! You can look up for it on google!

IMG_1617 IMG_1618

And on my way to my next activity, I found this cutie! I instinctually call out in english, but he wouldn’t respond to me, but as along as I say “hand”, he lifted his heavy paw up… melted! It’s an Old English Sheepdog, it completes the farm.. so quaint.


Well, it is not countryside if you didn’t see one of these! I have seen them from different farms I have visited in the past, but being on one of them, it’s my first! Spot the friendly ajooshi in the tractor!

Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 6.06.43 PMScreen Shot 2015-09-24 at 6.06.32 PM

It was a bumpy and fun ride, but I couldn’t take any nice photograph because I could hardly balance myself on the seat, lol. I actually liked it a lot, because the tractor ride was a good medium to explore the farms and field without getting lost/walking under the sun. I’m a lazy ass, haha. And along the way, it travelled on the river also, kinda reminds me of the safari ride, but where’s the tiger, lol.

Well, and last but not least, the HIGHLIGHT my day, lol (Sorry I think we Malaysia is a natural born foodie lol). My lunch at Soomy village was divine! and I have now fell in love eating out in the countryside because, the meals are always more lavish than in Seoul. By lavish I don’t mean luxurious but just that you get more than you paid for. The portion sizes are more than generous and the food tastes better than in the bigger cities!


And here’s my final verdict, the trip was a wonderful experience for a city girl like me, Soomy village truly highlights the beautiful autumn colors and offers exciting activities and encounters – the consumer meets the producer, young meets the old, the town-dweller meets the farmer.

I would strongly recommend friends who love to experience the local culture, and k-pop fans (it reminds me of some scenes from running man and family outing.) If you have visited Korea several times or are getting tired of the concrete jungle in seoul, consider a day trip to experience Korea country side! Definitely a fun place to go with a bunch of friends

Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 6.28.35 PM


AirAsia Runway Ready Designer Search 2015

Jun 13


Here’s another event that I wish to highlight, as KLFW 2015 is around the corner, here are some goodies for your to expect! Last month, Airasia launched the Runway Ready Designer Search, and in conjunction of the KLFW RTW 2015, 10 finalists will be given an opportunity to showcase their designs on the runway this year.


Aireen Omar, CEO of AirAsia Berhad launched this one-of-a-kind designer search together with the Founder of Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week Ready To Wear (KLFW RTW), Andrew Tan at a press conference today.

Aireen Omar commented, “AirAsia believes in the development of young talent. We have always been heavily involved in growing young talent, especially in sports. This new project aims to support young fashion designers — to identify the talents oftomorrow, and to reward and support them with the highest form of exposure and opportunities available in the fashion industry. We look forward to debut 10 young aspiring designers at the upcoming KL Fashion Week on 16th August 2015.”

“Some may ask – why fashion? Our answer is – why not? AirAsia’s vast route network and connectivity, especially in the Asean region is a catalyst for many fashion industry players to easily create a wider market for themselves; source for variety of materials; meet more people to exchange ideas; visit different cities in the region to experience the different cultures and draw inspiration; the possibilities are endless! We are excited to collaborate with the KLFW RTW team, and AirAsia is ready to be part of the next rising designer’s journey to the top,” added Aireen Omar.

Meanwhile, here are some of the pictures take during the launch!


Aside from the purpose of the event, I would also like to highlight the event bits and pieces. The Airasia marketing team always put out great effort in giving the best, no matter the venue, the food or the hospitality, they always ensure us, the guest and media are being well pampered and well fed, lol! Honored to be a part of the Airasia blogger community #aabc


PS: Can’t wait for the final show cast!

Fantasy Tour 2015 Wonderland Party

Jun 4

Here’s what you missed last Saturday! Went back home for few days, and needless to say, being with my awesome friends, I’m always privileged to attend the hottest party in town, and for last week, it was the Wonderland Fantasy Tour in KL live!


Apart from the good music, here’s my formula of a good night out! Good vibes + Good Friends = Good Time


No major event, celebration, or party is complete without these babies!

3 Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 11.37.19 PM4

It’s my first time attending the Fantasy Tour, and this time round, they invited 24 Herbs, Stephanie Cheng 鄭融& Hazel Tong 唐紫睿. I wasn’t expecting much, but they were awesome! They literally turned KL LIVE into the city’s hottest dance bunker!

62 1

Osulloc Myeongdong

May 27

11269930_10153299419924099_1488986009_n 11303444_10153299419929099_2059953900_n

I think it was some time last year when I was working in Busan, I discovered about Ossuloc. Well, but good news now, they are everywhere! It’s founded in Jeju island, and Osulloc is actually a tea house, though people often mistake it as cafe, lol. Anyways, if you are happened to be in Seoul, and you’re looking for a place to chill or a nice “cafe” to enjoy a cup of drink, I strongly recommend Ossuloc. You can forget about angel-in-us, cafe bene, holly cafe all the mainstream ones (then again I must say they are coffee shop, but if you don’t mind to have drink other than coffee), Osulloc is a good place, with warm and comfy environment.  (Nope, they didn’t pay me to say this, but I have to say all the friends I brought there, they love it!)


Osulloc specialized in their green tea, so if you’re there for the first time, I would strongly recommend – King of Freddo (with a scoop of green tea ice cream, green tea pound cake and akuzi bean), It’s priced about 8,500 won.


However, my personal favorite  is their Hallabong Tangerine O Fredo. It’s something more refreshing and local, the Hallabong, a fat and juicy citrus only available in Jeju, is what made this drink special, priced at 7,500 won. Not to sweet, and with a hint of bitterness (in a good way) from the dried tangerine, topped with the soy ice-cream (if i’m not mistake >.<), it is divine.


With my new friend, Shi wei, I really can’t tell if she’s korean or malaysian when I met her the first time over Jamie’s Birthday, lol. And I like how she confuses the shop keepers in the cosmetic street in myeongdong XD, they didn’t know how to approach her, not knowing if they should speak in korean or chinese, lol.

Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 12.59.19 AM