Fallen for Fall

Oct 25

Whether it’s the foliage, the fashion, or the cool, crisp weather that keeps me going, I have fallen for fall. They say, Fall is a second spring when every leaf is a flower. The time when everything bursts with its last beauty, as if nature had been saving up all year for the grand finale.

PS: Meanwhile, I have also decided to add some colours and life to my desk despite the withering season.


Oct 7

There’s always a story behind an artist’s work, a reason for their creations. Fashion designers are no exception. 

Coco Chanel, the original designer, revolutionized woman’s fashion with her creations, but like any other artist, there’s a story to be told behind each work of art.

One of the most recognizable brands around the world,… Chanel is high fashion. But behind the iconic black and white,… the tweed jackets,… and the quilted leather hand bags,.. is a women, who like many others had an idea and was determined to bring her passion to fruition.

Gabrielle Chanel, nicknamed Coco, was born in Saumur, France to a family who sold working clothes and underwear around the markets. But she was often out in the fields, enjoying nature,… which is where one of her first motifs entered her life. Chanel’s early works often featured an ear of wheat,… an image that took her back to her youth.

It’s these memories and life experiences that were woven together to define and create the prolific designs of Chanel,… such as the 6 years she spent at an orphanage. Early Chanel designs bear a stark resemblance to the uniforms she wore at the convent of Aubazine,… a place where she became enamoured by the image of a star,… soon to be another prominent motif.

The next couple decades of her life included friends such as Picasso and Misia Sert,… along with other social elites. And it’s during this time that Chanel started her career in fashion, designing hats. Chanel’s romantic relationships brought her into contact with things like the equestrian life,… another theme that would continue in her style book,… along with tweed,… a material that she would use to make one of the most iconic pieces of women’s fashion, the Chanel tweed jacket.

Gabrielle Chanel traveled around the world, being influenced by the history of the places she’d visit,… but she also influenced the lives around her as well.

Even into the modern day, Chanel became immortalized through works of artists like Andy Warhol.

Chanel went against the grain from the very beginning, but behind each creation is a story,… of the designer and the trials and triumphs of her life.

Homesick and Settling Down

Sep 30

The hardest part about living abroad, or studying abroad; distant away from your family, is blending in and seeking a sense of belonging in the new environment. Being here for the first few weeks, it was hard, considering I have travelled most places alone, settling down is a totally different idea. It was so hard to call the place I’m currently living, “home”. I find it irony that at the end of day, when I tell my friends “I’m going home” I feel a tiny bit of loneliness. “Home” here is not exactly home.

Oh well, I had to make the best out of it. Back in Malaysia I do not display any pictures of myself or my family in my room. But, staying alone, far from home, I finally realized the need of actual photographs, rather than what I have over my laptop or phone. Also, never thought that I’m so patriotic, a KLCC miniature, seriously? LOL. Then again, it is the sense of familiarity in a world that lack of sense of belongingness.

Little do I know, I was actually homesick. I thought I was strong enough, but turns out that I was under a lot of stress, my hormones was a mess, and had terribly PMS + Mood swings. Also, I was so close in buying a ticket to fly back home. Regardless, being away change me for quite a bit, absence do make hearts grow fonder, I’m talking more to my family as compared when I was in Malaysia. The realization of true friends - despite being physically so far away, we never run out of topics. And a chance to get to know myself better in a new environment.

PS: Stay strong Mandy!

Back to School

Sep 14

Currently back to school, and for the first time I’m taking a total of 21 credit hours classes - 9 credit hours for my core course, and another 12 credit hours for Korean Language. That’s not just it, I have to maintain a minimum of 3.7 CGPA to  keep my scholarship. T^T While most of my friends have started working, I’m here back to being a nerd. But, thankfully some of the subjects are interesting, and it’s rewarding when I can research on subjects that I have a passion for. I actually have a crazy idea, to continue my PHD after my master, hmm.. or may be not. But my goal is to earn a PHD before I reach 30 (Journey to Permanent Head Damage, lol?).

PS: Just my desk and favorite leopard print tumbler.

Goodbye Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Sep 7

A blast of carbon dioxide could be better at erasing wrinkles than face, it is proven in the latest Archives of Facial Plastic Surgery journal.


The treatment is done by applying a thin layer of carbon powder on the desire area (mine would be face for instance). Then, a laser is used to heat and cause an implosion of the carbon particles that lead to the following effects on the treated skin:
  • Reduce fine lines and wrinkles
  • Tighten dilated pores
  • Reduce acne, scars and post acne discoloration
  • Remove dead skin cells from the superficialepidermal layer
  • Stimulate collagen growth
  • Improves skin texture
  • Restores skin integrity and radiance
  • Clears pores to help reduce blackheads and whiteheads
The treatment is comfortable and only a minor sensation similar to pins and needles is felt. Unlike chemical peels, this treatment easily fit a “lunch-time procedure” – with no downtime and wouldn’t result in anything makeup couldn’t cover.
The skin is often slightly pink immediately after treatment, but this subsides after a few hours, and make up and sunscreen may be applied immediately following treatment. Basically, there is no restriction of daily activities after the treatment. However, do try your best to stay away from excessive sun exposure as your skin is sensitive after the treatment.
I would be lying if I say the result is drastic or visible after only one treatment. But, I am definitely looking forward to the end result (which I will post in a month time). I was advised that a course of five treatments with two weeks in between each treatment is advised for maximum results. Furthermore, collagen growth can only be achieved if the treatment is then continued on a monthly or bi-monthly basis.

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