Osulloc Myeongdong

May 27

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I think it was some time last year when I was working in Busan, I discovered about Ossuloc. Well, but good news now, they are everywhere! It’s founded in Jeju island, and Osulloc is actually a tea house, though people often mistake it as cafe, lol. Anyways, if you are happened to be in Seoul, and you’re looking for a place to chill or a nice “cafe” to enjoy a cup of drink, I strongly recommend Ossuloc. You can forget about angel-in-us, cafe bene, holly cafe all the mainstream ones (then again I must say they are coffee shop, but if you don’t mind to have drink other than coffee), Osulloc is a good place, with warm and comfy environment.  (Nope, they didn’t pay me to say this, but I have to say all the friends I brought there, they love it!)


Osulloc specialized in their green tea, so if you’re there for the first time, I would strongly recommend – King of Freddo (with a scoop of green tea ice cream, green tea pound cake and akuzi bean), It’s priced about 8,500 won.


However, my personal favorite  is their Hallabong Tangerine O Fredo. It’s something more refreshing and local, the Hallabong, a fat and juicy citrus only available in Jeju, is what made this drink special, priced at 7,500 won. Not to sweet, and with a hint of bitterness (in a good way) from the dried tangerine, topped with the soy ice-cream (if i’m not mistake >.<), it is divine.


With my new friend, Shi wei, I really can’t tell if she’s korean or malaysian when I met her the first time over Jamie’s Birthday, lol. And I like how she confuses the shop keepers in the cosmetic street in myeongdong XD, they didn’t know how to approach her, not knowing if they should speak in korean or chinese, lol.

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Describe, don’t show.

May 15

For awhile, i kinda forgot that i actually have a blog, one that i used to write for my everyday life.

There are many time that I wish to pen down my thoughts, but for the longest time, I do not feel motivated anymore to keep this space alive. I think I kinda lost it, when I found out most of my pictures and part of my articles I have posted are gone because of some “i-still-don’t-know-why”. May be it was the lack of update or backing up. But anyways, it was kinda saddening, because I have put so much hard work and time in writing them; feels like a part of me left me. LOL. Ok cut the dramatic shit.

Anyways, in the past, I stressed more on pictures, and my writings are minimal (pointless, sometimes), which at that time I paid more attention into showing rather than describing. Also, it came to me that no one really cares about what you’ll write, they just wanna SEE what’s going on around you and scroll through pictures.

But lately, I realized the main function of a blog – it is really to express your feelings and thoughts rather just selcas. Why should I go through all the trouble in editing and transferring pictures, when I can easily edit them and share them on my phone? Via instagram, fb fan page or whatever, lol, right? And, who cares if anyone is reading or not, isn’t it better when there’s no one reading? So I can share my dirty little secrets here? Hah.

Oh well. And one thing for sure, my blog is more neutral now, because I’ve stopped taking advertorials for awhile. I thought this space needed a little bit of detox. With all those events, advertorials going on in the past, i was kinda strayed from keeping the personality of this blog. Or rather, I was confuse with why I had this space. This may be a surprise for you, but I have been having MANDYLOGY since 2007, and for 9 years I have had this blog. Really, that’s also one of the hardest decision to keep this going or end it for good.

Guess for now, I will keep it.

2015 Blog Resurrection

Jan 5

It has been, been awhile since I write, been awhile since I see my boy, been awhile since everything. Let’s just say I’m really bad at time management, and Im a queen of procrastination. One thing though, I always focus on my studies more than anything else. Master degree is not a joke, research and more research, looking for the right journal articles are also extremely difficult for my field.. Well, let’s just skip the boring staff.

As 2015 began, I have set a few resolution for myself, (1) Update my blog twice a week, at least. (2) Start taking care of my skin and hair seriously. (3)  Be happy and positive.

1. My blog is officially 9 years old. Can’t believe I have been blogging for almost a decade. Well.. if you are really interested, you can still find some of my old posts in the archive. I started in 2007, I was in high school and blogging was a trend then. Started out with alot of rants, and relationship bullshit. LOL. Bullshit because I was so childish and naive. Almost all post is about guys/love/etc. And in 2010 I got in to the blogosphere, all thanks to nuffnang then. Met some other interesting bloggers, and there are some that I’m still seeing in events today. In 2012, started to put more effort and more advertorial. But in 2014, I decided to not continue any contract. Because I have realized in the recent years, my blog has become more commercialize. It’s good for me of course, but I felt the need to revive my blog by putting more personality into it. For a very long time I stopped sharing my personal life, and thoughts. I always thought readers are more attracted when there are pictures, hence for most time, I’m only doing what the readers like/what the people want to see/hear/know and slowly I just get bored of it. Oh well, but 2015, I’m going to put in more effort, I want to share my new life with you, whoever that has been follow me since the starting of my blogger career. LOL. I hope I’m not too ambitious and I still have my readers with me? LOL.

2. I mentioned skin and hair, because my stylist told me a couple of days ago, then my hair is at the brink of disintegrating. O.O After numerous dye/bleach/perm, my hair is not as healthy as before anymore. Even my mum’s hair is better than me now. It might look fine from the pictures, but in reality they are a mess, my hair got tangled every day in the morning, despite brushing/combing and using treatment cream everyday. It’s not working anymore, I think my hair is officially f* up. I chopped my hair a few days ago, and now I left with short hair again, short but still always tangling. Somebody help? T_T And my skin, staying in Korea, country that has 4 seasons, my skin care expenses went up, I have to keep changing skin care, each season is giving me different problem, and knowing that I’m getting any younger. I think I should start looking into a different set of skin care, anti-aging perhaps? Sigh. I’m so stress here, korean women that are way older than me looks younger than I do, how like that T^T Also, to my laziness, I also barely put on the necessary skin care, eg. essence, mask, facial. I only wash them, moisturizer and I’m done. I skipped eye care, sun screen, and many more. Sigh.

3. I have heard so much about people commenting me being overly cynical, and I’m a lone wolf. I don’t like being in the group as much, and for most time I’m just living in my own bubble. Nicer way to put it, I’m independent, or else I’m just selfish and self-centered. I just don’t like to live up to people’ expectations, but that doesn’t mean I don’t value people around me. I guess having a toxic behavior is pushing people away from me. Much like self-fulling prophecy, i think I’m ok alone, so for many years I’m ok being alone, but in fact, deep down I may be craving for more connections. It’s a mind game. So, I want to overcome that by addressing that I want to stop being cynical and stay positive and keep myself happy and people around me loved. A more on this part. Will mention more on this in the future.

Well, here are my goals, geez.. I’m already feeling tired writing this, and I’m not bothered to proof read this again. LOL. Give me some time, I’m changing, till then, xx.

PS: Tired and exhausted. Coming home in 3 days <3

P/PS: No image required for this post =p